ThrivingDad Circle

An Online Fathers’ Group for Listening and Being Heard.

Divorce or separation, especially with children involved, evokes intense emotions.

Connecting with other men in a similar situation is healing and deeply empowering.


Your relationship or marriage just ended?

You’re struggling to see your children?

Being a father in today’s world is challenging.

In times of crisis it’s essential to focus on what matters most: our kid’s well-being. Even if the relationship with their mother is difficult, we as fathers need to take the lead and show up.

Amidst work, conflict, and the newfound bachelorhood, there is little time to process your feelings, heal wounds, and find a solid footing.

Building and nurturing relationships with other men is incredibly valuable.

Together, we explore Separation and Divorce as an Opportunity to Begin Again.


My name is Lukas Weichselbaum and I specialize in supporting fathers through divorce and separation.

You can read and listen to what my clients are saying HERE.


Every first Sunday of the month, 4PM GMT until 5:30PM. 👉Add to calendar


The whole session will go for 90 minutes.

We will practice reflection exercises together.

The main course is talking from man to man in breakout rooms. One person talks, the other listens. Then we switch.

Detailed Session Structure
  • For the first 15 minutes I will share a relevant content piece, introducing a concrete tool. This will be followed by 15 minutes to apply the tool/exercise in your own life and unique situation.
  • For the next 30 minutes we’ll move into breakout rooms (groups of 2). This will be like circling. One person talks, the other only listens and does not interrupt.
    • Every person will get the opportunity to speak for 10 minutes to share what is present in and for them, to the extent they feel comfortable.
    • Then there’s a 5 minute window to reflect.
    • Then the other person will share.
    • Followed by another 5-minute reflection together.
  • We will wrap up by reflecting on our experience in the large group for the last 30 minutes.


Please block the full 90 minutes in your calendar and ensure nothing else will come up.

This circle and your conversational partner require your full attention.

You must register below to lock in your spot. This allows me to plan the events and brief you before the circle.