A divorce coach’s story

Once upon a time, there was a woman and a man.

They were happy together, and they loved each other.

The woman got pregnant, and they had a baby.

Time went by and their child grew and explored the world around it.

Yet as their child grew, they grew apart. They were no longer happy together.

After a painful back and forth, the mother and father separated.

Right in the middle of it, there was the child.

An entire world fell apart, and a new world was born.

The Truth About Divorce & Breakup

There is something wrong with conventional divorce advice.

It sounds nice, but it doesn’t help you solve your problems.

If you feel stuck, you need to try something new.

You don’t want to end up like the proverbial ostrich.

You and your children deserve better.

I’m Lukas Weichselbaum.
I am a divorce and breakup coach.

Once upon a time the above story happend to me.

Now every time I look into my son’s eyes, I remember why I do this work.

My mission is to inspire you to thrive as a father and to grow with and through your divorce or breakup.

My passion is to encourage you to step up as the leader that you are, regardless of your circumstances.

What Divorce Coaching Can Do

A divorced father who turned things around and met his challenges head-on.

I am deeply moved by Hameed’s perseverance.

If you feel stuck in your current situation, you’ve got to try something new.

Hop on a free call with me and let’s see how I can support you.

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